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if a door is close 10 will open

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if a door is close  10 will open  Empty if a door is close 10 will open

Post by le courbusier on Thu 9 Aug - 19:25

actually the moment of misiory is the moment of happiness for me because studying architecture wasn't really my dream it was a nightmare to me when i have been told that i can't study medecine Sad so i chose architecture and i didn't know any thing about it i'm soooo bad at art i don't have any intresst in buildings it just get to the university with a broken wings and crashed dreams . the first year was a desaster i almost fail in that year the models that i made was like a 3 years old work . and my teachers told me that you need to love architecture to study it because you are going to find a lot of abstrucles so much work so much stress so much sleepless nights . but the second year was incredible i started to love what i do i started to think diffrently than the others i loved the ideal that architecvture is not a dead science 1 + 1 dosn't mean 2 it mean what you want it to mean and you proove it and its a wonderfull feeling to finish a job and be sutisfied and when finishing of working of this project you take it to the university by bus and evry body look at you and smile at you .once we had a villa project i spend 10 days working on it i didn't see the sun lol . in the way to the university i hold it in big case i couldnt walk well and evry body wanted to help me and all the cars was stoping to let me trough lol its an incredible feeling and now i feel like i'm in the right place sorry for the long text and the english language i can express my self better in this language and thank u .
le courbusier
le courbusier

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if a door is close  10 will open  Empty Re: if a door is close 10 will open

Post by maxfelie on Tue 26 Mar - 11:49

that's really nice! Smile

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